Start with CrossFit

Regardless of your sports background or your condition, everyone wanting to start with CrossFit has to go through a learning phase. This learning phase consists of learning the basic techniques, the specific terminology and the warm-up exercises. In total, you have to take part in two lessons in small groups coached by a trained and certified coach. After this, you will be able to participate to the group workouts, also known as WODs.

Before participating in the WODs, you have to go through the following 3 steps:

1) A free trial session

A free trial session in a small group will help you understand what we do and why we do it. During that trial session we will also try to answer all your questions and to listen to your observations. This trial session is a first introduction to CrossFit, during which a trained and certified coach will show you the basic movements and perform these with you.

2) The fundamentals

If CrossFit has conquered your heart after this first trial session and if you want to go through with it, you will have to attend one more class with one of our coaches. This class will introduce you to the techniques and competences which are required in order to guarantee your safety during the heavy CrossFit workouts.

3) An introduction to the WODs

These group classes (workouts of the day or WODs) take place on a daily basis in groups of 12 to 18 persons. They consist of detailed instructions which will help you to improve your skills in 10 physical competences. As a beginning CrossFitter, you will be coached by one of our coaches who will, each time, adapt the WOD to your possibilities. Especially in the beginning it is very important to pay attention to the technique, mechanism, shape and consistency of the movements instead of to the intensity and the weight.